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Looking for a trusted list of home, health, beauty, and food products that are clean and promote health?
Look no further!

These are the Health Babes’ favorite and go-to. We recommend this in practice and use these products ourselves.

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Dry Farm Wines

We strive to live a life of balance so if you are going to have the occasional glass of wine, you can trust Dry farm Wines! Dry Farm Wines is our go-to with no added chemical preservatives, no added sugar, and organically grown. A membership makes each delivery fun and exciting.

Queen of the Thrones (Castor Oil Packs)

Queen of the Thrones® is the #1 practitioner-recommended original less-mess & reusable Organic Castor Oil Pack designed by a naturopathic doctor to support liver detox, lymphatic drainage, and colon cleansing.

Hormone balance
Deep sleep
Constipation and bloating
Inflammation and leaky gut
Less stress

Ziva Meditation

Overcoming stress and anxiety on our own can be challenging, and that’s OK. You don’t have to do it alone. Ziva offers a wide range of courses and resources designed to help you copy and learn. We send many people here. Check them out.

Gupta Program

Do you suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) | M.E. | Long-Haul Covid | Fibromyalgia | Multiple Chemical Sensitivities / Electrical / Mold Sensitivities / CIRS | MCAS | Pain Syndromes | Anxiety/Panic | Adrenal Fatigue | Irritable Bowel Syndrome I SIBO I Burnout | Lyme | Dysautonomia | POTS or any Related conditions?

Gupta Program™ Brain Retraining Is A Powerful Revolutionary Neuroplasticity, Mindfulness & Holistic Health Program For Chronic Conditions, Including Long Covid

Vital Side Lindsay

You may be feeling limited by chronic symptoms today, but you can work to gradually shift your thoughts, emotions, and your physiology to bring greater possibilities into your present reality.

We are wired for protection by nature, but we can rewire our brains and bodies for balance. We can begin to find relief from chronic symptoms of anxiety, fatigue, pain, sensitivities, and stress, and ultimately come into greater harmony with ourselves and the world around us. Vital-side is one of the most powerful tools, having reached tens of thousands of people.

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Paleo Valley

A great resource for high-quality supplements, snacks (beef sticks), powders, and more. Paleo Valley is established and trusted.


Air Doctor

The air we breathe matters. It’s one of our core pillars of health. Air Doctor is a trusted and reliable brand in air filtration.

Be Well By Kelly

Be Well By Kelly is the best Protien powder on the market. It’s superior because it’s clean. They also have clean vegan options if you find you tolerate that better.

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Purity Coffee

We all love coffee. It’s so important that we assess the quality and purity of the things we put in and on our bodies. We talk about this regularly on the podcast. At Purity Coffee, the organic coffee is specialty grade. Only about 1% of the coffee produced worldwide is 3rd party certified as organic, sustainable and specialty grade. They also rigorously test to confirm they are free of mycotoxins, adhere to cGMPs to avoid mold or contamination, roast to minimize unhealthy byproducts (like acrylamide), and nitrogen-flush our packaging to maximize antioxidants. Simply put – Purity Coffee is organic coffee done right.

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Sunlighten Sauna

We LOVE a good sweat sesh. Sweating is one of the best ways in which we detoxify. Infrared is also very important for our mitochondria. If you’re looking for a safe and trusted option for an in home sauna, Sunlighten is our trusted brand. All of the sauna’s are great, but our favortite is the M-pulse.

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